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Anti-Wrinkle & Dermal Filler Models Required

Feel good for less when you become a Botox & filler model – REGISTER NOW

At Cosmetic Courses not only have we been providing award-winning courses for medical professionals such as doctors, dentists & nurses but we also provide bespoke treatment courses for our patients along with the opportunity to be Botox & dermal filler model patients on our training days for a reduced cost. We need lip filler models, filler models and Botox models for our training days! If you would like to receive high quality treatment for a fraction of the cost on our training days please click the link above to register!

Our team of expert practitioners are here to talk through your skin and ageing concerns, creating bespoke treatment journeys to help you feel refreshed, revitalised and rejuvenated!

You’re in safe hands

We treat hundreds of patients each year throughout our UK training clinics making the latest in anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation accessible 7 days a week. Our team of renowned aesthetic practitioners are here to make you feel confident in your skin. By offering clinical advice and safe, results driven treatments with your needs always at the forefront of what we do

Available treatments:

Choosing your treatment options:

At Cosmetic Courses we aim to offer the highest standards of aesthetic treatments for all budgets. From our experience we have designed a 3 tier treatment option which is available at our Buckinghamshire, London and Nottingham clinics. You can mix and match any of these tiers to suit your budget and diary!

Injectables: Tier 1 – Training Environment Treatments carried out in a training environment by medical professionals overseen by our expert trainers. Tier 2 – Future Trainer Treatments carried out by a qualified medical aesthetic practitioner who is gaining further experience. We hope they will go on to join our team of expert trainers Tier 3 – Expert Practitioner These bespoke treatments are carried out by our expert trainers. Together with the expert you will be able to design a tailored treatment plan to suit your concerns

Skin Rejuvenation:

Tier 1 – Training Environment Treatments carried out in a training environment by aesthetic practitioners overseen by our expert trainers. Tier 2 – Experienced Practitioner Treatments carried out by an experienced aesthetic practitioner in the comfort of a medi spa environment. Treatment plan designed to meet your needs

Your options:

Quality assured products

Medical Injector


Bespoke Treatment



Training environment

From £125

In line with course criteria

Based on training days

Medical professionals developing their skills



From £195

Depending on their experience

Based on practitioner availability

Medical professionals gaining aesthetic experience



tick gold (1)tick gold (1)

From £300

Personalised bespoke treatment plans

To fit around you and the expert

Expert Trainer with years of aesthetic experience

Tier 1 Treatment Prices – Training Environment

Consultation 15 minutesFOC
Upper Botox£145
Lower Botox (50 unit)£145
Botox (100u)£180
Juvederm Ultra 1ml£125
Juvederm Vycross 0.55ml£125
Juvederm Vycross 1ml£175
Juvederm Volux£200
Skin Rejuvenation
Dermaroller or PIN£125 or 3 for £300
Peel glycolic£70 or 3 for £150
Peel retinol£85 or 3 for £200
Advanced Peel£95 or 3 for £250
TCA£125 or 3 for £325
Rederm Eyes£125 or 3 for £300
Rederm Face£150 or 3 for £375
Rederm Neck£150 or 3 for £375
PRP£145 or 3 for £400

Tier 2 Treatment Prices – Treatment with future trainer

Consultation 30 minutes£50
Upper Botox£195
Lower Botox (50 unit)£195
Botox (100u)£250
Juvederm Ultra 0.55ml£145
Juvederm Ultra 1ml£175
Juvederm Vycross 0.55ml£150
Juvederm Vycross 1ml£195
Juvederm Volux£250

Tier 3 Treatment Prices – Treatment with an expert practitioner

Consultation 30 mins£50
Upper Botox 3 areas£340
Upper Botox 2 areas£275
Upper Botox 1 area£220
Lower Botox (50 unit)£275
Botox (100u)£400
Juvederm Ultra 0.55ml£275
Juvederm Ultra 1ml£300
Juvederm Vycross 0.55ml£295
Juvederm Vycross 1ml£400
Juvederm Volux£450
Skin Rejuvenation
Consultation 30 mins£25
Deposit £25
Dermaroller or PIN£175 or 3 for £450
Peel glycolic£95 or 3 for £250
Peel retinol£105 or 3 for £280
Advanced Peel£125 or 3 for £325
TCA£175 or 3 for £495
Rederm Eyes£150 or 3 for £375
Rederm Face£225 or 3 for £600
Rederm Neck£225 or 3 for £600
PRP£250 or 3 for £700
PDO or Silhouette SoftStarting at £600
Led£35 for 15 mins, £50 for 30 mins

  • Established in 2002
  • A dedicated team of aesthetic practitioners
  • Substantially reduced prices on typical high street costs
  • No compromise on quality of treatment
  • Flexible appointments available 7 days a week throughout the year
  • We aim to provide natural looking results
  • Opportunity to become part of a supportive community
  • Unique experience - receive the treatment as well as gain valuable knowledge on the process

Become a Botox & Dermal Filler Model

Not only do we provide private treatments for our patients in a 1-2-1 setting, we also regularly require model patients for our training days. Under the watchful eye of our expert trainers our training medical professionals cover treatments such as Botox, dermal filler, PRP, microsclerotherapy, Chemical Peels plus many more! Becoming a Botox model means not only are you receiving high quality results driven treatments for a fraction of the cost but you are also helping to teach and regulate the industry. Register to become a Botox and filler model today and a member of our friendly team will get in contact to discuss and answer all of your questions, helping you to make an informed choice.

We need Botox models and dermal filler models regularly across all of our locations in Buckinghamshire, Bingley, Birmingham, NottinghamLondon and Belfast!

Click your chosen treatment below to find out more and contact the team on 01844 390110 or [email protected] to find upcoming availability across our clinics.

Keep up to date with our latest appointments by following us on Instagram & Facebook!

Patient Enquiry

Enquire about becoming a patient. Call us on 01844 390110 or send an enquiry:

Anti-wrinkle injections

From £145
From £145
From £145
From £145
From £145
From £145

Dermal Fillers

From £125 per syringe
From £145 per syringe
From £125 per syringe
From £145 per syringe
From £125 per syringe
£145 per syringe

Skin Rejuvenation

Advanced treatments


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