Level 7 Qualification – All Online Modules

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Level 7 Qualification – All Online Modules

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If you are considering undergoing the Level 7 Certificate in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine with Cosmetic Courses, this online training course is your first step. These 6 modules contain all the theoretical knowledge you will need to competently perform Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler treatments in line with the qualification specification. 

Our online learning platform has been created to provide a multi-faceted learning experience. With a combination of presentations, video demonstrations, games, quizzes and reading material there is something to suit every learner. You will cover all aspects of Botox and Dermal Filler treatments from the history of these procedures, the pharmacology, facial anatomy, consultation and performing the treatment right through to managing potential complications.

A good understanding of all these elements is required for any aesthetic practitioner considering a career or already practicing in medical aesthetics.

Course breakdown:

Our Background to Aesthetic Medicine online training course should give you a comprehensive understanding of when and why the aesthetic industry began and how it has grown in the last few decades. It will also cover the key laws and regulations you need to be aware of as an aesthetic practitioner, how to set up your aesthetic practice whilst also exploring the reasons why patients choose to undergo these elective procedures.

  • Level 1 : The Growth of the Industry
    • The History of Aesthetic Medicine
    • Trends in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Level 2 : Laws and Regulations
    • Legal Obligations and Responsibilities
    • Your Governing Bodies
    • The HEE
    • Employment Law
    • Advertising and Promotions
  • Level 3 : What Drives Our Patients?
    •  Driving Factors
    • The Power of Celebrity
    • Pre-Conditions to Treatment
  • Level 4 : Where to Carry out Your Procedures
    • The Premises
    • Equipment Requirements
    • The Health and Safety Executive
    • Risk Assessments
    • Infection Control
Our Pharmacology of Aesthetic Medicine online training course will look at how Botulinum Toxin Type A, Dermal Fillers and Local Anaesthetics work. It will cover the safe storage and administration of these drugs as well as the key rules we need to be aware of when prescribing.

  • Level 1 : Botulinum Toxin Type A
    • How Does Botulinum Toxin Type A Work?
    • The Preparation of Botulinum Toxin Type A
    • The Dosage of Botulinum Toxin Type A
    • The Contraindications of Botulinum Toxin Type A
  • Level 2 : Dermal Fillers
    • How Do Dermal Fillers Work?
    • Choosing the Right Dermal Fillers
    • Contraindications to Dermal Fillers
    • The Consequences of Getting it Wrong
  • Level 3 : Anaesthetics
    • How Anaesthetics Work
    • Local Anaesthetics Aftercare
    • Contraindications to Using Local Anaesthetics
    • Topical Anaesthetics
  • Level 4 : Prescribing
    • The Storage of Aesthetic Medicines
    • How to Prescribe
    • Options for the Non-Prescribing Practitioner
    • Guidance from the NMC
    • Prescribing ‘Off-License’
Our Skin Anatomy, Health and Ageing online training course offers  a recap of your facial anatomy knowledge as well as a look into the ageing process and the features that make someone 'attractive'. This module will also include information on the basics of skincare and how you can advise patients to use the most suitable products for their skin.

  • Level 1 : Anatomy
    • The Anatomy of the Skull
    • The Musculature of the Face
    • The Function of the Muscles of the Face
    • The Fat Pads of the Face
    • The Nerves of the Face
    • The Vasculature of the Face
    • The Anatomy of the Skin
    • Surface Anatomy
  • Level 2 : Attractiveness and Ageing
    • Exploring Youth and Attractiveness
    • What Makes Someone Attractive
    • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Ageing
    • The Ageing Face
    • The Skeleton and the Ageing Face
    • The Fat Pads and the Ageing Face
    • Ageing and Your Treatments
  • Level 3 : Healthy Skin
    • Dermatological Conditions
    • The British Association of Dermatologists
    • Skin Care and Cosmeticeuticals
    • Skincare Regimes
Our Understanding Your Patient online training course focuses on your patients and the need for good communication when planning treatments. Within this module, you will see an example of an effective consultation and recap on the importance of gaining informed consent. The module will also explore some of the psychological issues that you will need to be able to recognise and then finally look at the aftercare advice you should be giving to your patients.

  • Level 1 : The Consultation
    • The Client Centered Approach
    • Carrying Out a Medical History
    • Carrying Out a Skin Assessment
    • The Fitzpatrick and Glogau Scale
    • Consent and Capacity
    • Consent and the GMC
    • Knowing Your Limitations
  • Level 2 : Treatment Plans and Record Keeping
    • Health Conditions
    • Cold Sores
    • Assessing the Patient
    • Creating a Treatment Planner
    • Combination Treatments
    • Patient Information Leaflets
    • Consent for Images
    • Record Keeping
    • Clinical Audits
  • Level 3 : Psychology
    • At Risk Patients
    • NICE Guidelines
    • BDD
    • The PHQ-9
    • Managing Psychological Issues
    • Managing Distressed Patients
  • Level 4 : Aftercare
    • Aftercare Instructions Following Botulinum Toxin Type A
    • Aftercare Instructions Following Dermal Fillers
    • Patient Information Leaflets Regarding Aftercare
Our Performing the Botulinum Toxin Type A and Dermal Filler Treatments online training course covers the key information on how to prepare yourself and your patient for these two popular non-surgical treatments as well as how to carry out a Dermal Filler and a Botulinum Toxin Type A procedure.

  • Level 1 : Preparation
    • The Basic Equipment
    • Preparing Yourself and the Patient
    • Manual Handling
    • The Correct Hand Washing Technique
  • Level 2: The Delivery of Dermal Fillers
    • Choosing the Correct Dermal Filler
    • Product Information
    • Techniques for Administering Dermal Fillers
    • Needles and Cannulae
    • High Risk Areas
  • Level 3: The Delivery of Botulinum Toxin Type A
    • The Cosmetic Courses Botox Template
    • Allergan’s Recommended Dosage
    • Assessing the Forehead
    • How the Injection Technique has Changed
    • How to Avoid Heavy Brows
    • The Chemical Brow Lift
    • High Risk Areas
Our Complications and Emergencies online training course includes information on the complications you may see whilst practicing Botox and Dermal Fillers in the aesthetic industry. It will focus on how to identify these complications and the necessary treatment. It also includes information on the emergency drugs and equipment you will need in your premises. 

  • Level 1 : Botulinum Toxin Type A Complications
    •  The Potential Side Effects
    • Managing the Spock Brow
    • Occupations Which Need Special Consideration
  • Level 2: Dermal Filler Complications
    • The Potential Side Effects
    • The Use of Hyaluronidase
    • Gaining Consent for Using Hyaluronidase
    • ACE Guidelines
    • Managing Complications
  • Level 3: Additional Topics to Consider
    • Needlestick Injury
    • Managing Sharps
    • Vasovagal Episodes
    • Anaphylaxis
    • Preventing a Bad Experience
  • Level 4: Emergency Drugs and Equipment
    • The Emergency Response Kit
    • The Emergency Pack
    • The First Aid Kit

Who is the course designed for?

This course is designed for medical professionals who are looking to further their theoretical knowledge and understanding of the aesthetic industry with particular focus on Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler treatments. These 6 online modules count towards your Level 7 Qualification in Injectables with Cosmetic Courses.


The course itself should take around 9 hours to complete from start to finish. The modules can be carried out in sections and your progress will be saved along the way so you don’t have to complete it all in one sitting. Whilst this course offers the basis of your learning, we encourage you to read around the subjects where necessary to ensure you feel confident on the key topics. At the end of each module there is a short online test which on successful completion will award you a certificate which can be downloaded from our system.


The price of this online course is £1200 + VAT.

Why choose online training with Cosmetic Courses?

Our online training is built around the philosophy of Blended Learning. By presenting the information in a variety of methods, we are able to ensure that you remain fully engaged throughout the learning process. By including external resources, you will feel as if you are reaching out to explore the topic, rather than being spoon fed information on endless PowerPoints. Combining all of this with our end of level tests guarantees we consolidate your knowledge, by presenting the information in bite-sized chunks.

  • 15 years of aesthetic training experience
  • Innovative learning pods with a combination of teaching methods to suit everyone’s needs
  • Accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Ability to revisit information after completion
  • Contact your mentor feature allowing you to ask clinical and business questions to our dedicated team of experts


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