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If you suffer from fine lines, acne scarring or pigmentation then you may benefit from a dermaroller treatment. The dermaroller is a small hand-held roller with tiny needles on, which when rolled over the skin causes pin point bleeding. This ‘trauma’ causes stimulation of your natural collagen which will refresh and rejuvenate the appearance of your skin. The dermaroller can be used all over the face, the décolletage and the hands. This completely natural treatment will give you results after about 2 weeks with full results seen at 6 weeks post-treatment.

The Dermaroller Treatment

Prior to the treatment, topical anaesthetic cream will be applied all over your face to numb the skin. This will minimise the pain post treatment. The treatment itself will take about an hour to perform and you will leave the clinic looking slightly red. The redness is said to reduce by 50% every 4 hours so by the following day most of the redness will have gone. You must also make sure that you wear your SPF 50 every day to optimise the results of the treatment and protect your skin from any sun damage. Your SPF 50 suncream is included in the price of the treatment.

Cost of Dermaroller Treatment

The cost of the treatment is £150 which is an approximate saving of £75 per treatment on normal high street prices. And remember your sun care is included in the price which retails at £40.

Frequently Asked Questions

The procedure will usually take about an hour, including time for the anaesthetic cream to take effect.
It is a very safe procedure; however possible rare side effects include, skin irritation and infection however they are not common and can be treated.
After the procedure you will be looking quite red and may feel very tender, therefore it is important to moisturise as much as possible and take care of your skin when in the sun. You will be given SPF 50 sun cream and also something to decrease the redness of your skin. We also strongly recommend that you avoid wearing make up for the following 24 hours, and avoid strenuous activity following the procedure.
Before the treatment you will have anaesthetic cream applied all over your face, which should reduce the pain during and after the procedure; however you may still feel minor discomfort during the treatment.
The dermaroller treatment repairs the skin and so is effectively permanent, nevertheless as your skin develops with age you may need more treatments and the major benefits will be seen after 3-6 treatments.
It is recommended that when you are pregnant or breastfeeding you do not undertake this type of procedure. You also cannot have a dermaroller if you have active acne. Your suitability for treatment will be determined when you speak to an advisor.
To book an appointment as a Cosmetic Courses model you will first need to speak to an advisor. Please fill in a contact form and a member of our friendly team will get in touch with you to discuss your options as soon as possible.
If you are interested in this treatment but are unable to travel to our clinic we do work with reputable product companies which may be able to assist you. Please email [email protected] with your required treatment and location and we will pass your details onto the relevant third party.

Before & After of Dermaroller Treatment

before and after dermaroller

We hope you have all the information you need on becoming a model for Dermaroller Treatment at Cosmetic Courses but if you do have any queries or would like to discuss your treatment options with an advisor please register as a model with us.

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