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Maskne: How to help!

Wearing a face mask has become as normal as putting your shoes on to go out, an essential to prevent the spread of harmful diseases. Unfortunately, it’s coming with a side effect,“maskne” the acne caused by a protective face mask. Whether it’s real acne or simple irritation, we are going to talk you through how […]

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Understanding Your Skin Type

When it comes to skincare its hard to understand just what your skin needs. Met with millions of different creams, lotions and potions we are on the hunt to find the perfect products for us! The first step in finding your ideal skincare routine is understanding your skin type and we are here to help […]

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Why is Vitamin C Good For Your Skin?

We consume it daily, whether on purpose or not, helping us to stay healthy and boost our immune systems but did you know the benefits Vitamin C has for the skin?  As an active energizer, it’s a key player in skincare as it helps with cell renewal, leaving your skin glowing with brightening and antioxidant action. […]

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5 Reasons to Protect Your Skin During Summer!

As soon as the sun comes out we are all prone to try and spend any moment possible basking in it rays. It’s important to realise how harmful UV rays can be on our skin and why adding one extra simple step to your morning routine to protect your skin could reap in rewards your […]

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Brand New Skin Therapist Joins Our Team!

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our skin team, bringing in the fantastic Simona!  Simona will be based in our Buckinghamshire clinic offering private skin clinics throughout the week. A little about our new skin therapist… Name: Simona Jotkeviciute Profession: I graduated from the London College of Beauty Therapy in 2014 and have been […]

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Summer’s Here! Don’t Forget your SPF Sunscreen

Mornings are stressful enough, good intentions to wake up early and start the day calm and collected. Replaced by frantic hair brushing, coffee gulping and a room full of clothes left on your departure. When the summer season arrives in the UK another hurdle arrives into our morning routines, “what do I wear today?!”. British weather is […]

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Neostrata for your Aesthetic Practice

Neostrata is an award winning cosmeceutical brand of skincare products, designed specifically for use in medical aesthetic clinics. Neostrata incorporates active and patented ingredients  and are all glycolic acid based,  so therefore have an effect on both the surface of the skin as well as the deeper layers of the epidermis. Why do we favour […]

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Control your shine this Summer with NeoStrata Sheer Hydration

In the United Kingdom we long for the Summer sun all year round. But we certainly don’t long for the oily faces many of us inevitably suffer with when the sun shows it’s face. We want to feel beautiful, not greasy when the sun shines! This is when NeoStrata Sheer Hydration daily moisturiser becomes your new […]

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