5 Things to Consider Before Travelling for Training

Coming to the UK for Cosmetic Training Courses?  If you live in a country outside the UK and have decided to embark upon a career in medical aesthetics, you are probably well aware already that an English certificate in Medical Aesthetics (Botulinum Toxin, Dermal Fillers and other techniques like Genuine Dermaroller Therapy) is seen as, […]

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Ring Around the Rosacea Risks: Treating Clients with Contraindications

There was a really interesting LinkedIn Aesthetics&Beauty Group thread recently about how best to deal with clients with rosacea. We thought this discussion could be of benefit to our delegates at Cosmetic Courses as it is a relatively common ailment presented in clinic and quite tricky to deal with. As a potential contraindication, rosacea impacts […]

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Genuine Dermaroller Therapy & Patients with Active Acne

Question : I have a patient presenting with brown spots and age marks on her cheeks. She has had these for several years now, along with open pores and acne scars on both her nose and face. She is also prone to minor breakouts on a regular basis and was wondering whether Genuine Dermaroller Therapy […]

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Advanced Cosmetic Training Courses: Brow Lift Treatments

Advanced Medical Aesthetic Training So you have completed your Foundation Level Introduction to Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers. You’ve gone away and practiced all you learned and now you’re chomping at the bit to discover more techniques, right? An Advanced Cosmetic Training Course is the ideal way to pick your basic skills up a level […]

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Sun Exposure & Flying after Azzalure treatment: Advice for Your Patients

Question: Dear Cosmetic Courses, Can you go on holiday to a very hot country 4 days after receiving Azzalure treatment? The product information says to avoid direct sunlight for a week: how necessary is this and do you have any reassuring advice or tips for patients? Cosmetic Courses Answer: Thank you for your really good […]

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How do you Know you are Getting the Best?

Are Cosmetic Surgeons the Experts When it Comes to Botox & training? There was a very interesting debate on the RealSelf forums recently (where you can go to ‘find, share and discuss the real story about any cosmetic surgery treatment’). A forum user was asking whether they would be better to go and see a […]

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How do Muscles Cause Wrinkles and Frown Lines?

There is a one vertical Procerus muscle and two Corrugator muscles that cause wrinkles and frowning in the area between the eyebrows. The frotanus muscle runs upwards from the bridge of the nose and inserts into the skin. Muscle fibres run upwards along the muscle and, when they contract, this produces shortening of the muscle […]

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Pain Relief & Dermal Fillers

Pain relief using local anaesthetic for dermal filler injections Dermal filler injections are more uncomfortable for the patient than other treatments such as BOTOX® treatment. This depends on the area treated, with the lips in particular being very uncomfortable because of their denser nerve endings in this area. Many patients are deterred from having dermal […]

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Facial Rejuvenation: Complimentary Surgical & Non-surgical Approaches

Latest developments in facial rejuvenation surgery Non-surgical skin treatments and surgical facial procedures often go hand-in-hand. The former, if begun early enough, can be a preventative to ward off the necessity for the latter until much later. Or, they can be used to compliment each other: there is little point a patient saving up and […]

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