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#45: Cosmetic Business Strategies

Adrian Richards and Ron Myers discuss business strategies within the Cosmetic Industry. Topics include:

  • The trend of cosmetic surgeons to specialise
  • The Pareto principle (80/20 law) applied to cosmetic surgery
  • Adrian’s analysis of the most cost effective treatments
  • Building your cosmetic business to sell
  • The economics of your cosmetic business
  • Bringing a new clinical specialist into your business
  • Planing your exit strategy
#44: Face Conference 2012 Review – part 2 of 2

Adrian Richards and Ron Myers continue their discussion on the recent FACE Conference. Topics include:

  • Radio frequency treatments
  • The culture of facelifts
  • Nerve blocking treatments
  • Regulation anomalies
  • The ball
  • The forthcoming Body Conference
#43: Face Conference 2012 Review – Part 1 of 2

Adrian Richards and Ron Myers discuss the recent FACE Conference. Topics include:

  • How it went
  • What is FACE and who is it for?
  • Take aways from FACE 2012
  • Dermal fillers, FDA regulations and European legislation
  • Who can do what treatments?
  • New fractional treatments and motorised needling systems
  • Part 2 of Adrian and Ron’s discussion is continued in the next episode.
# 42 Social Media

In this episode, Adrian and Ron Myers share their views on the power of social media, marketing, and customer behaviour.

Topics covered include:

  • Facebook – why the ‘daddy’ of social media is both unstoppable and invaluable
  • What you need to get right in order to avoid bad reviews
  • How ‘mystery shoppers’ can benefit your business
  • The huge growth potential of the non-surgical industry
  • The fear factor and the finance factor – why ALL your marketing should address these barriers to treatment
#41 PIP Implants Part 2

This episode sees Ron Myers of Consulting Rooms ask Adrian about some of the big issues surrounding PIP implants.   Topics covered include:

  • How the PIP implant problem was discovered
  • Adrian’s observations from removing PIP implants, including rupture rates
  • Litigation arising from PIP implant surgeries
  • The difference between FDA approved and CE marked implants
  • The NHS response to the PIP problem
  • Differences between the cosmetic surgery industry in the UK and other countries
  • What Aurora are doing to help women with PIP implants
#40 PIP Breast Implants

Adrian and Ron Myers discuss the latest Cosmetic Industry news in this Christmas episode. Topics covered include:

  • An update on the PIP breast implant issue
  • Should you consider doing Laser hair removal?
  • Business models
  • Legislation
  • Which laser to buy
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