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Come and see us at the Dentistry Show in April

Are you a dentist keen to find out more about training in aesthetics?

One in four dental practices now offer Botox and dermal filler treatments – and the numbers are growing every year.

If you’d like to give your practice a competitive edge, investing in facial aesthetic training for yourself and your colleagues is the way forward. But where do you start?

Meet the Cosmetic Courses team

Dr Agata Smolen - Dentist and Cosmetic Courses Delegate

This year’s Dentistry Show takes place on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April at the Birmingham NEC. We’re exhibiting on both days, and it would be great to see you there.

You’ll find us on Stand M63, so please come over and say hello!

We’ll give you lots of information about our facial aesthetics courses for dentists, and offer advice on how you can set up your own business once trained. 

Joining us on Saturday will be Dr Agata Smolen (pictured). Agata is a qualified dentist who trained in Botox and Fillers with us, and now offers treatments at our sister aesthetic clinic in Northampton.

You can read all about Agata’s background here.

Agata is a great person to talk to about the transition from dentistry to aesthetics, as she’s been there herself. She’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to come over and have a chat with her on Saturday.

Everyone who books a course with us over the 2 days will receive 10% discount off the booked course. But you might not need it – we’re also offering a free prize draw with a top prize of £250 off any course. What better way to kick-start your aesthetics career!

About the Dentistry Show

The Dentistry Show is a free-to-attend, action-packed event offering a wide range of products and services for dentists, including verifiable CPD lectures and lots of opportunities for networking.

Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • Hands-on workshops
  • Two day CORE CPD Programme
  • GDP Theatre
  • Short-term Ortho Lounge
  • Co-located with DTS
  • Business Skills Workshops

It’s the biggest show of its kind in the dentistry industry, and from previous visits we can say it’s well worth coming along. Though it’s free to attend, you will need to register. You can find out more about the show, and register to attend, on the Dentistry Show’s website.

See you in Birmingham! 

Cosmetic Courses offer Botox certification for dentists as part of a varied programme of aesthetic training courses. If you can’t make the Dentistry Show but would like information on any of our courses, please feel free to contact the team on 01844 318317 or email




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Posted on March 27, 2015 by: CosmeticCourses

Botox and filler courses for dentists – 4 great reasons to train

Are you a dentist thinking about a career in aesthetics? Here are four reasons why it could be a great move for you.

 1. You’ll be a natural 

As a dentist, you’re great with injections, have an aesthetic eye (particularly if you’ve taken additional cosmetic dentistry courses), and have specialist training in the oral and maxillofacial areas.

And unlike most medical professionals, the face is where you spend your whole working day.

With an expert understanding of facial anatomy, you arguably have a head start over many other medical professionals when it comes to administering facial treatments. And the chances are you’ll be better equipped to deal with any complications that arise too.

2. You’ll increase your income

Attending one of our Botox and filler courses for dentists will offer a real shot in the arm for your career. Firstly because you’ll be able to offer Botox and filler treatments to enhance your service to your dental patients.

If they’re generally unhappy with their mouth area, you can offer extra treatments to help – for example, adding volume to lips, improving nose-mouth grooves or reducing marionette lines – alongside the dental work they need.

This is probably the easiest win, as it creates a new income stream from your existing patients. But you’ll also attract new aesthetic patients who may not have come to you for dental treatment alone.

Once you’ve won their trust with great treatments, they may choose you for their dental work too.

3. Your days will be more varied

Though you may love your dentistry work, and enjoy patient contact, sometimes you’d like to have a break from fillings!

Training in Botox and fillers will give you the flexibility of a ‘portfolio’ career. You can split your working week in a way that suits you. You might want to dedicate certain days to aesthetic treatments, or break up your days by allocating some appointments to aesthetics and some to dentistry. Either way, you’ll never be bored! 

4. Your friends and family will love you!

Ask anybody who knows you, and they’ll tell you how great it is to be acquainted with a dentist. When it comes to our health and our bodies, it’s incredibly handy to have an expert we know and trust who we can ask for advice – or better still, go to for our treatment.

And if that dentist is also able to offer safe, effective anti-ageing treatments, even better!

Find out more about Botox and filler courses for dentists

Cosmetic Courses have offered expert Botox training for dentists and other medical professionals since 2002. If you’d like to find out more about training in Botox and fillers, please contact the team on 01844 318317 or email

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Posted on March 20, 2015 by: CosmeticCourses

Excuse me, where are the Dentists and Botox? Aisle 6, Sir…

An enterprising dental practice in Carlisle has come up with a cunning plan to make treatment more accessible to patients.

The Centre for Dentistry has applied to Carlisle City Council to convert part of the Sainsbury’s in Caldewgate to a dental surgery.

But not just any dental surgery.

The plan is to offer cosmetic treatments, including chemical peels and Botox, to shoppers in the store.

Dentists and Botox alongside the beans

Thanks to a long-standing partnership, the business already operates in 25 Sainsbury’s stores around the UK. But if given the go-ahead, the Carlisle surgery will be the first to offer aesthetic treatments.

Subject to approval by councillors, the surgery will be open from Monday to Saturday, with an emergency clinic on Sundays. It will be in a prime position right at the front of the store.

The firm bills itself as “a new and very different kind of dental practice offering general, cosmetic and specialist dentistry to all”. And with innovative plans like these it’s hard to disagree.

Any Botox for you today Madam?

Offering Botox and other non-surgical treatments in the reassuringly familiar surroundings of the supermarket will no doubt help to demystify the treatments.

What once required a daunting trip to a specialist skin clinic will become as routine as picking up something for dinner.

Add in the sheer convenience of being situated somewhere people return time and time again and it seems likely shoppers will be tempted to give treatment a try.

A spokesman for the company said: “Our practices are situated conveniently in selected Sainsbury’s supermarkets throughout the UK. By working in a close partnership with Sainsbury’s, we can provide highly convenient, friendly and complete dental services.

“This is a good alternative to expensive, privately run high street dentists or busy NHS dentists with long waiting lists.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “The Centre for Dentistry are progressing plans for a new site and we look forward to planning decision in the near future.”

Cosmetic Courses have been bringing Dentists and Botox together since 2002, with our expert Botox courses for Dentists. For information on any of our training courses, please call the team on 01844 390110 or email




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Posted on March 13, 2015 by: CosmeticCourses

Frequently asked questions about our Botox and fillers course

We often receive enquiries asking about particular aspects of our training courses – most commonly our Foundation and Advanced Botox and fillers courses.

With that in mind, we thought it’d be a good idea to answer some of the questions we are often asked here on our blog.

Am I eligible to attend a Botox and fillers course? 

Our Botox courses are open to qualified medical professionals, which includes (but is not limited to) Doctors, Dentists, Registered Nurses, Surgeons, Trainee Surgeons, Dermatologists and Opthalmologists. If you belong to another medical profession and would like to check your eligibility, please contact us on 01844 390110 and we’ll be happy to advise.

Do I need to be UK registered to offer Botox treatment in the UK?

Yes. If you’re looking to offer Botox treatments to patients in the United Kingdom, you must have a current active UK registration.

Do I need to bring my own models?

No. We’ve built up a large database of models and will provide an appropriate model for your training needs. However, if you’d prefer to bring your own model, you’re more than welcome to do so. Many delegates choose to bring along a friend or colleague so they can see how their treatment progresses over time. Just let us know when you book your Botox and fillers course and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

What should I wear to my Botox and fillers course?

You should come in what you feel comfortable in. You will be treating real patients, so we’d encourage you to look relatively smart and professional. But the most important thing is that you feel confident and able to focus on what you are learning. 

How much hands-on practice will I get?

The Botox and fillers course is practical in nature. After a morning of theory, it’s straight into hands-on practice in the afternoon.  You will mark up your model, choose the treatment you’re going to use and perform the treatment, supervised closely by your trainer. You’ll also watch other people in your group as they treat their models.

If you opt for one of our one-to-one courses, these are completely tailored to you, so you can choose your own balance of theory and practical.

How many people will be in the practical session?

We like to keep the training groups as small and informal as we can. We’ve found that 4 or 5 is the best group size to give you the best possible training.

Will I receive any information on business and marketing?

Running a successful aesthetic business requires more than clinical skills. To help you with the business aspects of practice, we will offer guidance about setting up your website and publicising your business.

We also have other resources to help you on an ongoing basis, including podcasts available to download from iTunes. In these, our Surgical Director Adrian Richards speaks about all aspects of aesthetic marketing with Ron Myers from Consulting Room.

Will I receive any support after completing my Botox and fillers course?

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive ongoing support. If you have any questions at all after completing your training, whether clinical or business related, you are always welcome to contact us for guidance.

With our delegates’ permission, we often answer some of the questions we receive in videos or other training materials so other people can benefit from the advice.

Cosmetic Courses offers aesthetic training in Buckinghamshire, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Essex and Kent. For more information about what to expect from our Botox and fillers course, please contact the team on 01844 390110 or email

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Posted on March 6, 2015 by: CosmeticCourses

Botox courses for Nurses – a way to learn more and earn more

Since 2002, Cosmetic Courses have helped thousands of Nurses to carve out exciting new careers in aesthetics.

Are you a qualified Nurse looking for more variety in your work? How about boosting your earning potential? 

Both are within your grasp. The only thing standing between you and an exciting new lifestyle is one of our Botox courses for Nurses!

This week, we chat to qualified Nurse, passionate aesthetician and Cosmetic Courses trainer Mel Recchia about her move into aesthetics…

Hi Mel, how easy was your decision to move from nursing into aesthetics?

In my case, it wasn’t something I carefully planned. Like all the best things in life, it was quite spontaneous! I’d been a Beauty Therapist before I became a Nurse, so that interest in cosmetic medicine was always there.

I loved working as a Nurse in A&E, but after 9 years I started thinking it was time to expand my horizons. Because of my background in beauty, aesthetics was the natural choice.

What do you enjoy most about aesthetics?

I get a huge amount of satisfaction from making people feel better about themselves. I know some people think aesthetics is superficial or frivolous compared to nursing, and I understand that, but when you improve something that’s making someone unhappy, you’re impacting their life in a way that goes beyond beauty.

So you’re almost a kind of therapist?

Almost, yes! You often find yourself being a kind of confidante to your patients. People trust you, and they share their problems with you. They leave with their self-esteem boosted and a spring in their step. For me that’s the most rewarding part of what we do.

Bit of a cheeky one – do you have any aesthetic treatments yourself?

Of course – it’d be rude not to! I’ve had Botox for about 10 years, and I like to have skin peels and microdermabrasions when I can. I’m also a big fan of skincare products to maintain results, and last year I tried a bit of Sculptra in my mid-face which has been great. I’m also thinking about taking the plunge and getting my upper eyelids done next year! 

What would you say to someone thinking about taking one of our Botox courses for nurses?

It really is a route into a new lifestyle. Aesthetics lets you use your medical skills and maintain the patient contact you’re used to, but with more flexibility and freedom.

As a self-employed Aesthetic Nurse, you get to choose how much and when you want to work, and you make your work fit around your life rather than the other way round.

In a nutshell, training in Botox will open the doors to lots of new opportunities – so go for it!

Find out more about our Botox courses for nurses

Cosmetic Courses offers a wide range of aesthetic training for medical professionals, including accredited dermal filler and Botox courses for nurses. To find out more about training with us, please call us on 01844 390110 or email

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Posted on February 26, 2015 by: CosmeticCourses

Our dermal filler courses – what will you learn?

With the industry growing at a rapid pace, there are now a number of training providers in the UK offering dermal filler courses.

 All have slightly different approaches and course programmes, and with so much choice, it can be difficult knowing which one most suits your requirements.

To give you an idea of our approach, we thought we’d create a quick summary so you can get a feel for our dermal filler courses at a glance. 

Who do we train? 

While there are still no legal barriers to anyone learning to inject dermal fillers, at Cosmetic Courses we only train qualified medical professionals. That includes, but is not limited to:  

  • Surgeons
  • Trainee Surgeons
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Registered Nurses
  • Dermatologists
  • Ophthalmologists

We feel this is an important safeguard when it comes to injectable treatments. Only medical professionals have the necessary understanding of facial anatomy, as well as the knowledge and skills to recognise and deal with any complications that may arise.

What do our dermal filler courses cover?

All our dermal filler courses are combined with training in Botox. These two treatments are often used in tandem, so learning them together gives you a more nuanced understanding of how best to use them with your patients.

We offer two levels of training, depending on your level of experience.

a) Basic Botox and dermal filler training

If you’re new to the treatments, our Foundation level Botox and Dermal Fillers course gives you a thorough introduction to the products, as well as plenty of theory and practice in the techniques used for basic facial rejuvenation, corrective and enhancement treatments.

You’ll leave the one-day course able to offer:-

> Facial Rejuvenation

Smoothing frown lines and forehead lines; treating crows feet and squint lines (periorbital lines).

> Facial Corrective Treatments

Reducing lines around the mouth (perioral lines and oral commissures); softening lines running from base of the nose to the corner of mouth (nasolabial folds); treating frown and forehead lines; improving facial wrinkles.

> Facial Enhancement

Creating an enhanced natural lip border; producing a pout.

b) Advanced Botox and dermal filler training

If you’ve already completed basic training and are looking to learn more advanced techniques, our Advanced level Botox and Dermal Fillers course has more emphasis on practical hands-on experience.

By the end of this one-day course, you’ll be able to offer:-

> Advanced Dermal Filler Techniques

Combined filling (using different strengths of product to achieve optimum results); cheek augmentation; vermilion border enhancement; advanced peri-oral sculpting; cross hatching techniques; extended linear threading techniques.

> Advanced Botox Techniques

Cheek and jowl lifting; chemical brow lift; mental is treatments; treatment of platysmal bands; upper chest treatments; treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

We offer dermal filler courses at centres in Buckinghamshire, Leeds, Kent and Birmingham. For information about our training, our course tutors or centres, please don’t hesitate to gives a call on 01844 390110 or email

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Posted on February 20, 2015 by: CosmeticCourses

Move into aesthetics with a beauty therapist training course

At Cosmetic Courses, we’re well-known for training doctors, dentists and other medical professionals in aesthetic techniques.

But several of our courses are also suitable for beauty therapists looking to broaden their skills and become fully fledged aestheticians.

Fleur Nicholls (pictured left) started her working life as a beauty therapist, before furthering her training in aesthetics. She now works as a self-employed aesthetician at our sister company Aurora Skin Clinics and a sessional trainer here at Cosmetic Courses. Here she talks about her career.

How did you start out in beauty therapy?

I qualified from Champneys Tring in 1994 as a beauty therapist with Credits in CIBTAC and CIDESCO, and landed my first job in a salon in Beaconsfield. I gained bags of experience in various different treatments and skin care ranges, and eventually got promoted to a managerial role. That lasted almost 7 years until December 2001, when I decided it was time to do the hard work for myself and set up my own business!

Did you enjoy working for yourself?

It was great fun. I had a little premises attached to a hairdressing salon in Beaconsfield old town, and helping my clients gave me a real passion for treating skin problems and conditions. I’d had my own struggle with acne over the years, and I made it my business to learn as much as I could. I’d regularly go along to talks from skin companies and dermatologists to improve my knowledge. 

While I loved running the business, I’d always wanted to teach. So armed with my new knowledge, I went back to college and got my City and Guilds teacher training qualification. After that I split my time between working in my salon and acting as a sessional tutor until 2008, when I decided it was time for another change!

How did you move into aesthetics?

I’d reached a point where I wanted to branch out in a different direction in my industry. I was excited by the idea of learning more advanced techniques – specifically anti-ageing treatments.

It just so happened I was approached by Aurora Clinics, who were looking to bring in an aesthetician to develop the skin rejuvenation side of the business. Cosmetic Courses trained me in advanced skin peel techniques, clinical depth micro-needling and fractionated radiofrequency procedures.

How’s your career now? Would you recommend the move to aesthetics? 

I now specialise in skin rejuvenation at Aurora, offering advanced treatments and providing expert advice on skin care regimes. I feel I’ve finally found my forte!

Every day is different now, which keeps things interesting. I work closely with the medical practitioners, which has given me an in-depth understanding of other non-surgical treatments, and I’ve also started assisting with the surgical clinics. 

In 2009 I also started working as a trainer for Cosmetic Courses, which I really enjoy, and gives me another great string to my bow. 

I feel I’ve finally brought my two interests together – treatment and teaching – and with the addition of the surgical side too, I’ve now found a career that has all the variety and flexibility I was looking for.

To any beauty therapists thinking of branching out and training in aesthetics, I’d definitely recommend it. You’ll have lots more options available to you, and be able to make the most of any exciting opportunities that come your way. Go for it! 


About beauty therapist training at Cosmetic Courses

Microdermabrasion training at Cosmetic CoursesCosmetic Courses is the UK’s most established aesthetic training provider.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve trained hundreds of beauty therapists looking to offer more high-end treatments, including skin peels, microdermabrasion and Dermaroller microneedling.

Our accredited beauty therapist training courses are suitable for those who have completed NVQ Level 3 and are seeking further training to become an aesthetician. All courses can be completed in one day and take place at fully equipped aesthetic clinics around the UK. 

Our friendly trainers will take you through the techniques at a pace you feel comfortable with, combining theory with plenty of hands-on practice to leave you feeling confident to perform the treatments by the end of the course.

You’ll be given lots of of support along the way and encouraged to ask any questions you have throughout the session. You’ll also get plenty of advice regarding setting up your aesthetic business or integrating these new techniques into your clinic.

For more information on our beauty therapist training courses, including dates and prices, visit our website. You can also contact us on 01844 390110 or email

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Posted on February 13, 2015 by: CosmeticCourses

With PRP Therapy in the media, now’s a great time to train

We’ve seen increased interest in our PRP Therapy training over the last couple of weeks thanks to a certain reality show.

The treatment, also known as the Vampire Facelift, was recently featured on ITVBe’s ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’.

In the show, which aired last Monday, life coach Tanya Bardsley was seen inviting friends Ampika Pickston and Leanne Brown along when she went for the treatment.

With admirable candour, she confessed that she would “eat donkey poo” if it meant looking younger.

PRP on the TV

And it’s not the first reality show to feature the treatment. PRP Therapy first received widespread attention thanks to ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, where Kim was famously filmed undergoing treatment.

You may have seen the dramatic photos that circulated in several magazines afterwards, showing Kim’s face dotted with blood.

With such an increase in prominence for the treatment, you may find your own patients start to ask you about PRP Therapy – if they haven’t already. Which makes now a great time to train.

About Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

The PRP Therapy technique has been used in medicine for many years, in such varied fields as orthopaedics, dentistry, neurosurgery and ophthalmology.

This system uses the Tropocells technique to obtain a concentrated dose of clear plasma from a sample of the patient’s blood. Dense with blood platelets, this plasma is injected back into the body (in the case of aesthetics, into the skin), where a huge ‘hit’ of growth factors is released to stimulate repair and rejuvenation.

Why train in PRP Therapy 

Training in the treatment will give you an excellent add-on to your practice. It’s particularly useful for the delicate areas around the eyes, which are usually difficult to treat with Botox and dermal fillers. As such, it can be used in conjunction with other injectable and rejuvenating treatments as part of a wider treatment regime.

As an autologous system, patients who are not keen on using artificial products may be happier to try PRP Therapy as it is completely natural – and therefore reassuringly safe.

It can be used on all skin types, involves very little downtime for your patients, and has long-lasting results. And as an added advantage for your practice, the treatment is very cost-effective as it incurs very little outlays.

Finding out more

At Cosmetic Courses we offer PRP Therapy training at the Paddocks Clinic in Buckinghamshire. Training takes one day and courses are held monthly. Our next available course date is 18th February 2015.

To find out more or book your place, please contact the team on 01844 390110 or email

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Posted on February 3, 2015 by: CosmeticCourses

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